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Willis Ogalo

Martial Arts Trainer

Name: Instructor Willis Ogalo

  • Black Belt in Tong Ill Moo Do (1st Dan)
  • Currently Training in Kapap Krave Maga


  • Over 30 years of teaching martial arts to students of all ages and skill levels
  • Head coach of YMCA Tong Ill Moo Do, with several national and international champions
  • Certified referee for Tong Ill Moo Do competitions
  • Experience teaching both Competitive and  self-defense to students


  • Strong communication skills, able to effectively convey complex techniques and concepts to students
  • Passionate about teaching and helping students reach their full potential
  • Patient and supportive, able to motivate and encourage students through difficult challenges
  • Knowledgeable about injury prevention and rehabilitation, able to adapt training programs to individual student needs
  • Familiar with a variety of training methods, including traditional martial arts training, strength and conditioning, and cross-training with other sports

Philosophy: Instructor Willis believes that martial arts training is not just about physical fitness or self-defense, but also about developing mental strength, discipline, and respect. He emphasizes the importance of setting goals, persevering through challenges, and treating others with kindness and respect both inside and outside the dojo. He strives to create a supportive and inclusive training environment where all students can feel welcome and empowered to achieve their goals.

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